decompiling astolfo gay sounds

so you may see this and be like “what the fuck are you talking about”

so recently some person called gaym development.east made a game called astolfo gay sounds but it is not compatible with most modern devices, so i decided to decompile it

part 1: the downloading

so i just went to and downloaded it, there are probably better ways of getting around with this

part 2: the juicy shit

so using apklab on vscode i decompiled the source and just went to java_src/com/fcupchan/astolfogaysounds/ and one of the first things i see is the following:

i also see a lot of references to com.astolfogaysounds.R.raw.gay_sound_X so i will poke into those in the next part coming.. right now

part 3: the assets

well first up here is an image of the gameplay:


gay_sound_1.mp3 – gay_sound_13.mp3


well thats all i hope you found this entertaining as i just wasted a lot of my time

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